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West Anhui University

West Anhui University is a province-owned comprehensive undergraduate course university approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The university is located in Lu’an City , west in Anhui Province with a long history of excellent revolutionary tradition and culture. The school headquarter is on the picturesque Moon Island surrounded all by water and inside the buildings are harmonious with the natural scenery and human taste, forming the unique ecologic water close university campus in the lake.With an area of 1581 Mu in total, the campus has 460,000 square-meter buildings. The university also owns plenty of modern teaching and scientific equipment totaling RMB 210,000,000 Yuan as well as 1,600,000 books in the library.

Currently, the university has 15 faculties, namely, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Electronic Engineering and photoelectrical engineering , Architecture and Civil Engineering, Economics and Management, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Physical Education, Foreign Language, Culture and Communication, Information Engineering, Art, Applied Mathematics, Politics and Law, Resources Environment and Tourism Management, Applied Sciences and TechnologyContinuing Education . The university has 60 undergraduate majors and 34 applied academy majors, which involve literature, science, engineering, management, education, law, economics, agriculture and art. The university has 19,699full time students and a staff of 1217, and there are 974 full time teachers, of whom there are 94 professors, 218 associate professors, 24 provincial top talents. The university passed Teaching Level Evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education in December 2006, was ranked among provincial level planning construction units of gaining authority of conferring master’s degree in March 2009, and also approved construction unit of model applied university in Anhui Province in September 2009. The university obtained the title of Sample Unit ofcollege graduates Employment in Anhui in 2011, along with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model University in Anhui in 2012. It was the one of the first universities that passed the assessment of undergraduates teaching by the Education Ministry in April, 2013;and was prized as the Provincial Applied High-Level University Project Construct Unit in July, 2014; The First Batch of Innovation University in Anhui province in 2016, and The University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Dabie Mountains in cooperating with the government of Lu’an.

The university pays attention to scientific research and practical application, puts applied research as the orientation of all scientific research, cooperating study with research and production, promoting and bettering teaching with scientific research. Since 2006, more than5000 articles have been published in different academic journals, and among them, 370 articles have been collected by the three biggest search organizations, from which, 70 monographs have been made, about 100 text books come into being, 2 books translated. The academic achievement gained 265 provincial and ministry level awards, 35 director level awards 24 national patents, among which, there are 20 national inventions. There are 49 science and technology innovation platforms, in which the plant cell engineering of provincial engineering center, the provincial bionic sensing and inspecting laboratory, the engineering research center on comprehensive utilization of forestry and agriculture residues, and the innovation center on industrial development of dendrobe, were approved as provincial Collaborative Innovation Center in 2011, and the clean government culture research center as provincial key research base of social science. The university obtained one second prize of The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2014 and 2016, and obtained one first prize of The State Industry-University-Research Innovation in 2015 and 2016. Journal of West Anhui University is ranked among the excellent periodicals in Anhui universities and colleges.

The university always follows its motto “to favor virtue, to revere ability, to gain knowledge, and to innovate”, with teaching as its principal task, to cultivate all-round students who can creative and serve local community. With the spirits of self-improvement and pursuit of predominance, West Anhui University is planning to become a modern local applied high level University.


Introduction of International Exchange and Cooperation Center of West AnhuiUniversity

Since 2005,West Anhui University has been taking an active step towards overseas exchanges and cooperation with universities and scientific institutes in Britain, France, Finland, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand,  Ireland, Singapore,Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong, Tai Wan, etc.

At present, there are three major forms for the international exchange and cooperation. The explanations as follows:

1The short-period exchange projects at students’ summer vacation, a short study term, and paid internship , etc.

2The project with different forms to co-cultivate students, such as “2+2”、“3+1+1”、“4+1”、“3+1”,etc.

3The project for teacher going abroad to take refresher course and scholarly exchange.

The exchange and cooperation of international education is taken a higher position in West Anhui University, and we are looking forward to cooperating with universities overseas in every aspect.

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