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Our School Leaders Interviewed and Researched Teaching Activities Sponsored by Yao Foundation
Datetime: 2017-06-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


On the morning of June 20th, Deputy Secretary of School Party Committee, Lu Yizhong, interviewed and researched teaching activities sponsored by Yao Foundation in Gubei Central Primary School and Huashi Primary School in Jinzhai County, accompanied by Dean of Sports Department, Guo Heqing, Secretary Jiang Lingfei, head of Committee Management Department, Jia Ning, and teachers Ye Mingzhi and Zhang Ning.


They received a warm welcom by leaders of those schools during this research, and had a discussion with student teachers and leaders of those schools. Lu Yizhong understood the basic situation of this 2017 Basketball Teaching Activity sponsored by Yao Foundation by watching their trainings, visiting their dorms and classrooms. Lu told the student teachers in the discussion to cherish this opportunity and be strict with themselves. The student teachers expressed their thanks and said that they have adapted to the local environments and made friends with teachers and students there, and would also make efforts to finish their teaching tasks.


Teaching activities sponsored by Yao Foundations have lasted for many years, which brought warmth to students in poor areas, and provided a platform for our students to show their professional skills and talents.

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