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The Final of the Third Internet + Undergraduate Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Was Held Successfully
Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


After carefully preparing for nearly four months, the Third Internet + Undergraduate Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its tryout was held in the Teaching Building on Jul. 9th.

Before the competition started, all teachers and students that have took part in it as well as the judges, attended a short opening ceremony in room 206. Zhang Suimeng( deputy president), Liu Renjin( chief of Academic Affairs) and Chen Yongjun(executive director of the Entrepreneurship Institute ) attended the ceremony. Zhang Suimeng and Prof. Huang Jingrong from  Hefei University of Technology made speeches with great passion, while Liu Renjin presided over the opening ceremony.

The competition took “Fighting in the new era, strengthening the new force” as its topic, and it boosted our professional innovative development and enhanced students’ innovative spirits, awareness and abilities, which could help promote employment of higher quality.

As leaders of our school paid high attention to this competition, we established an Organizing Committee for it, consisting of leading officials in every Department and other relevant departments. From March, the competition was valued by leaders, teachers and students, as a result, there were 571 programs registered on the official website, the number of which increased a lot than previous years after it was widely publicized. Eventually, 60 of them were qualified into the final. Those programs involves 7 types: modern agriculture, manufacturing, information technology service, business service, public service, cultural creativity, and  social entrepreneurship.

In order to ensure the quality of this competition, we invited 15 experts as judges. The process was divided into 3 parts, project plan reviewing, PPT presentation and its defense. The judges asked questions concerning creativity, team, commercial value, career prospects etc., and then commented and scored each team. Examined by the Organizing Committee, the 60 programs were divided into creative group and start-up group, and got their rankings. The school would train excellent teams in the final and help them to improve, then recommend some of them to take part in the provincial competition.

Afterwards, the judges agreed that this competition was well organized and was fully engaged, the average level improved a lot, and they hope that we could achieve outstanding results in the provincial competition.

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