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The Sidelights of Studying and Living in Nazareth College in USA
Datetime: 2017-12-12   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


Every student may have a dream. This trip to the United States is of great significance to us. We are honored to be the exchange student of West Anhui University to go to Nazareth College in the United States for exchange study. During the study, we have experienced a different culture and broadened our horizon. At the same time, our language level has been improved and we have learned how to study and live independently.

Since we were the first time to go to the US, everything was fresh to us. We were both nervous and full of anticipation and excitement. The college is located in Rochester, New York, not big but beautiful. Nazareth College’s library was built in the last century, which is rich in book and advanced in equipment. We all like to go to the library to read books.

Due to the heavy task of learning, we were under great pressure. Mobile phones were not allowed in classrooms. Teachers were strict but passionate. They like Chinese people very much and want to know about China, which makes me feel that motherland is now strong. What impressed me most was that the function of photo translation on my mobile phone shocked my American friends, and I realized that our country is becoming stronger. I am so proud of being a Chinese.

Here, as long as you ask teachers questions, they will be happy to answer you. Teachers usually give us a topic, and then divided us into different groups with students from different countries. The purpose is to let us learn to communicate with each other. In class, it is forbidden to speak Chinese. The most interesting thing is that we can chat with classmates and learn a lot of things.

The extracurricular activities of the college are varied, such as visiting the national park and taking part in the party on Christmas Eve. Our favorite activity is travel to Niagara Falls.

During the exchange study, we have gained knowledge and met teachers and students from all over the world. The most important thing is to exercise our ability to be independent. Finally we sincerely thank the alma mater for providing us with a valuable opportunity. We will continue to work hard to achieve excellent results in order to repay the alma mater and society one day.

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