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SIS College, Somerset University, Korea
Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站

    SIS College was established in April 2015, currently hasseven departments that consist ofa global railway integration system, the global hotel management department, the global catering and cooking department, the global medical services business department, the global business department, the global media imaging department,andthe global foreign food business department, totallyteachingin English.

    The global Culinary Arts Department employs star chefs from all over the world, including top chefs in the culinary academic community and the highest certification in the industry (WACS qualification certificate), and editors of teaching materials for Culinary Arts in various countries. Taking practice teaching as the leading factor, it also provides many opportunities for students to exchange knowledge, study abroad and obtain employment abroad.

    The Globe Hotel management department is based on well-known overseas hotel tourism management school, aiming at overseas internship and employment.Itemploysforeign professors who have more than one Ph. D. degree in various fields, mainly to improve the students' practical ability, strengthen the combination of theory and practice, and cultivate a wide range of hotel management talents.

    The aim of the global medical service managementdepartmentis to train the medical service professionals who are advancing with the times, and to train the medical talents with international vision and ideas and who can provide professional services for foreigners.The department hired foreign professors with rich experience, payingmore attention to the medical service of the combination of theory and practice, providingmany overseas training opportunitiesfor the studentsand opportunities in the largest international medical center internship.

    The global integration of railway departmentaims tocultivate the talent who canenter the international stage with language skills, combining many of the field of railway system, railway construction, rail BM, operations, engineering management, signal and operation knowledge,tostrengthen the construction of internationalization,andopen cooperative course.

    The Department of international business paysattention to the business combination of theory and practice,teaching byEnglish ,beingdedicatedforthe students to possess professional knowledge,fosterleadershipandcreativity,taking effort to build skillful talents of business.

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