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Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站

The Department of Culture and Media was established in 1958, coming from Chinese Department in Lu’an Normal Training College, Chinese Department and Department of Cultural Media in West Anhui University. Under the approval of the school in Oct. in 2010, it got its present name, Department of Culture and Media. During the half century, we nurtured over 10,000 graduates and a wave of talents, which greatly boosted the local education and the development of national economy.

We now have a staff of 39 people: 3 professors, 11 associate professors, 5 Doctors, and teachers who have a degree of Master and above consist of 81%. In recent 3 years, our teachers published over 100 academic papers and 4 monographs at provincial level and above, and wrote 6 textbooks as chief or a key editor. Many of them won titles and prizes like National Outstanding Teacher, Provincial Model Teacher etc.

We have 6 teaching an researching office in total, and an Office of Language Committee, an Institute for West Anhui Cultures, a Research Center for Chu Culture in Shouxian County. We have 4 undergraduate majors: Chinese Linguistic Literature( normal and non-normal), Journalism, Advertising and Network & New  Media, also, we have one major for students upgraded from junior college student to university, Chinese Linguistic Literature( normal). Our curriculum and subject specialty building represent our professional resource priority and profound cultural background formed over a long period of time.

The Department of Culture and Media has over 1000 students, and our graduates are warmly welcomed by employers. In recent years, our registration rate as well as employment rate have both run up to more than 95%, and the number of students who passed Postgraduate Entrance Examination and Civil Service Examination has increased, too. Among our graduates, a large number of advanced figures and elites emerged in the fields of teaching, researching and managing.

After the half century, we still resolved to believe in Scientific Outlook on Development and follow the lead of the Party, and give our first place to cultivate practical talents, so as to serve the society, inherit and innovate the cultural tradition, build our brand, then finally realize the school’s grand developing goal.

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