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Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站

The Foreign Languages Department is one of the earliest Departments established in West Anhui University, growing out of the Foreign Languages major Lu’an Normal Training College in 1983. From 2000, we started enroll undergraduate students. We now have a staff of 84 people, with 75 full-time teachers: 1 professor, 10 associate professors, over 50 lecturers, 35 overseas personnel, 4 Doctors, 3 Ph.D candidates, over 50 Masters and 3 foreign teachers. We have one major in our Department, English Major, with two directions: English Education and Translation. This major was approved as a provincial characteristic major in 2008. Apart from teaching English majors, teachers of our Department are also in charge of teaching Public English for non-English majors.

We have 16  multimedia classrooms, 2 multimedia language laboratories, 1 laboratory for Simultaneous Interpretation, and 1 for translation; 6000 professional books, over 1000 disks of electronic publications and audio-visual materials, and over 20 kinds of professional magazines and periodicals.

We earned a good reputation for our work in building a characteristic major for teaching and improving the qualities of college students.

At the request of new social needs, we established a mode for talents cultivation, General Education+ Professional English Education+ Personality Formation, which represents our distinguishing features. In recent years, we kept revising and perfecting our talents cultivation plans centered on students’ practical and innovative abilities. Therefore, we built a set of practical teaching system, after reforming in education ideas, curriculum setting, teaching contents, teaching methods and evaluation system. This education mode met the requirements of building an application-oriented university, and trained a lot of applied talents who were qualified enough to teach middle school English. The reform of English major has won the second prize for provincial Teaching Achievement in Dec. in 2012, and its sub-task has won the third prize. In 2003, English major was selected as one of the class-A disciplines in West Anhui University.

We paid attention to the quality of talents cultivation, as a result, our teaching quality and research level improved significantly. Students in our Department who took part in the FLTRP Cup Speaking/Writing Competition as well as Provincial Teaching Skills Competition for the Normal Majors, would win the second prize and above every year. In the past few years, the project approval rate has greatly raised , in addition, the quantity and quality of teaching research papers have improved continuously.

The Department carried out plans in students’ virtues, physical and mental health, social etiquette, styles of study, teaching skills, English language skills, career plans etc., and received good results. Students, performed well in perspectives of obeying the law and disciplines, behaving civilized manners, correcting studying styles, and obtaining employment, too.

For years, our quality of talents cultivation has enhanced steadily, and so our social influence becomes more and more obvious. Our rate of enrollment, graduation, employment(over 96%), as well as the rate of passing the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, have always been in the forefront in the province. The graduates of our Department are acknowledged and welcomed by employers for their high comprehensive qualities and professional abilities.

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