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Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


The Department of Marxism in West Anhui University is one of the secondary institutes that was established independently in the school, which mainly undertake the work of teaching Ideological & Political Theory, Situation & Policy, Career Development & Employment Guidance. The specialty structure of our teachers cover subjects like philosophy, economics, law, history and education. This is an important department for teaching and researching humanities and social sciences in West Anhui University.

The history of this Department dates back to when the Political History major was established in 1960. In 2004, we worked together with the Public Education Department, and then established he Political History major( Ideological & Political Department). In Aug, 2012, Ideological & Political Department was established, including Center for Mental Health Education and Consultation. Until in Sep. in 2016, The Department of Marxism was independently established, as a education institute of division level.

We now have 5 divisions for different class, and a staff of 30 people. There are 5 professors, 12 associate professors, and 10 lecturers in our Department, and 20 of them have a Doctor or Master degree.

Leaders of the university attached great importance on constructing Ideological and Political Theory Course, and therefore researched in our classrooms for many times. We were acknowledged and praised by leaders for our progress in educational reform, scientific research and social service. We have made efforts in exploration and innovation on the basis of tradition, in order to become a more significant institute for teaching and scientific research among our peers in Anhui in recent years.

In recent ten years, teachers of our department published over 200 academic papers, and undertook over 30 research projects at provincial level and above. In addition, there are 4 provincial Excellent Courses, 2 studios for teaching Ideological & Political Theory, and 1 provincial Teaching Achievement Promotion Project. Our team of Ideological & Political Theory Education was approved as Excellent Teaching Team in Anhui. Marxism Theory was listed as one of the key disciplines in West Anhui University.

By now, the Department has a system of teachers’ team, which is of a reasonable structure and a full range of subjects. We will continue make efforts on teaching team and course construction, and academic research. Also, we will try to build a new platform for ideological and political education, and make it as a required course of life for college students.

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