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Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


The Law Department grew out of Political History Department established in Lu’an Normal Training College in 1960, and has a teaching history for 60 years, which helps gain a rich experience of teaching.

In order to strengthen and perfect our specialty of law, we now have only one undergraduate major for law, meanwhile, all students in our university could minor in law major. Law major was approved as a characteristic specialty in Anhui in 2010, and was one of the first key class-A disciplines in the university. We now have 20 professional teachers, all of whom have a master or doctor degree.

In recent years, the Law Department gives prominence to its own features and innovate the mode of cultivating talents according to the school-running orientation, and have achieved remarkable results. We have won prizes for provincial teaching achievements.

We have a good reputation for cultivating talents, proving by over 90% of employment rate, 50% for passing National Judicial Examination(class A), and over 40% for passing postgraduate entrance examination and Civil Service Examination. We come out in front of the universities in Anhui.

We will take what President Xi Jinping said in China University of Political Science and Law as guidance, train more high-quality talents, by adhering to our Department’s motto, to socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to Marxism.

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