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Datetime: 2018-02-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站

The Department of Electronic and Information Engineering grew out of the Department of Computer Science and Technology established in 2002, and got its present name in 2016. We now have five majors, Computer Science and Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Network Engineering (networking direction), and Electronic Information Science and Technology, with nearly 2800 undergraduates on campus. We now have a staff of 52 people, among which, there are 6 professors, 11 associate professors, and 10 Doctors. We have fiveteaching and researching offices, three professional laboratories, and several research platforms, with 20 million yuan worth of instruments and equipment in total.

In recent years, as a result of our strengthening of our specialty construction, Telecommunications Engineering becomes the key discipline of our university.Electronic Information Science & Technology is a characteristic specialty at national level, Network Engineering is one of the first majors of our university, Electronic & Information Engineering as well as Telecommunications Engineering are provincial comprehensive reform majors. We have reached some achievements in fields of intelligent computing and signal processing, data mining, embedded system development, modern communication technology etc. Teachers of the Department took part in over 80 research projects, with 30 of them still under researching, 17 of them were at provincial level and above; over 100 papers were published on academic journals at home and abroad, with more than 30 of them collected by SCI/EI. We have made significant progress in teaching reform and research.

We have established a friendly cooperative relationship with universities like Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Southeast University, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui University. We hired 11 experts from University of Science and Technology of China, Southeast University, Anhui University, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui University, and GCI Science & Technology CO.,Ltd., as our visiting professors. Also, we built a good cooperative relationship with some IT enterprises and established over 10 training bases in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hefei, Wuxi, Lu’an etc. Students of our departments have got outstanding performances in competitions and activities, and won national and provincial prizes several times. In the last few years, because of our high employment rate, we received warm welcome by all fields of society and gained a good reputation.

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