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안녕 ( Hello ), Korea! --My Korean students living
Datetime: 2015-05-25   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


2014 Fall semester, I like a particle never left the mother of dandelion seeds, gone with the wind, out of the country, went to a country that has been on TV to know--South Korea. Here, I put in Korea 180 days in the record to share with you.

       Catch delivery study abroad exchange students the opportunity, is in an elective course in the teacher told us that school now have the chance to do so, let everyone go out of the country, go to Korea to study for half a year. I was surprised after hearing, the first time parental consent, signed up to the teacher. After a long preparation, submit all the materials, get Korean school admission until all right visas, a heart hanging down.

       We elected the other schools before the start of two days of starting on a Friday afternoon, I arrive in Shanghai with his mother one day in advance, then went to the airport the next morning. Fine consignments, listening to my mother after a bunch of worried chatter, I got into the gate. Two hours later, we arrived at South Korea's Incheon Airport. Get off the plane and saw have a Korean ID when you sign, I suddenly realize they are stood on the land in another country, was particularly exciting. Customs, teacher-Korean schools has received our, and arrived in South Korea for us to take the security of the souvenir picture.

      There are many places in South Korea and China are different, South Korean University students almost live out of, they take about 1.5 hours of time every day, through the school bus, a subway and a bus to go to school , Some students, they are driving to school. Of course, not all students live in South Korea, only those grades excellent student or family far qualify for quarters. We live on the second foreigner hostel dormitory living museum, three to a room. First floor, the third floor is the lounge, lounge with refrigerator, water dispenser, microwave, television with table. Toilet and bathroom year round supply of hot water, central air conditioning in summer and winter festival24 hour cooling and heating. Rooms have floor heating in winter, so cold, my mother and video calling, she is always surprised that I only wear short sleeves in the bedroom.

    In this six-month study in life, school organization, we participate in a variety of cultural activities. Visit famous cities and attractions, attend the University Games, participate in student activities, and so on. Us and South Korean students and students from other countries in a relationship forged a deep friendship. Uzbekistan classmates classmates invited me to their dormitory to make dumplings, dumplings with laugh. Each piece for me is wonderful, precious memories.

       First came to the school, I chose three courses, because the language does not chase, on my side on the Korean language school courses, teachers and students to help me. Cannot communicate with them well, I use body language, English and I will communicate all Korean. Finally, I read each other to express words and familiar. South Korean students in the us are warm, and always try their best to help me, I am very grateful to them. Responsible for our teacher arranged for South Korean students in the Chinese Department of the school for us to and we learn from each other, this spring semester, they have two students came to the us in West Anhui University communication studies. Similarly, I also hope that West Anhui University can leave good impressions.

       After nearly six months of memorable moments, I think their vision and ideas have been greatly expanded. South Korea on TV and what I see, contact South Korea are different, if you want to know it will be close to touch it to see. Feel with your experience, to make friends, to learn about the world you don't know.

2014 Years of 9 Months with two students from the school for the first time that I go out of the country, began studying life tour. Walked all the way back home up North Pack is full of beautiful scenery, sky, the bibliography, the sea and my far away friends.


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