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West Anhui University has been Rewarded The Second Prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Awards in 2016
Datetime: 2017-05-26   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


The scientific research achievement by West Anhui University, Development and Utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources under the Forests of Dabie Mountain, has won the second prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Awards in 2016 in recent days.

The research team of this project, leading by Prof. Chen Naifu, started industry-university-research cooperation with many enterprises in terms of traditional Chinese medicine under the forests of Dabie Mountain, then practiced systematically and creatively in many fields, and yielded fruitful results. While promoting industrial upgrading transformation of forestry and enhancing the technological level of forest medicine, they were cited by provincial Party Committee and government for their efforts on promoting local economic development.

Under the guidance of national and provincial policies of technological innovation, our school paid great attention to the work of scientific research. We have been exploring the development road of constructing local applied university, pushing forward structural reform of scientific research, and improving our society serving ability for years. We have made contribution to local economic development and technological progress by winning 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 9 provincial scientific research awards in recent years.

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