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The Dragon Boat Team of West Anhui University Took Part in the Sixth Dragon Boat Race
Datetime: 2017-06-02   Source: 皖西学院英文网站


The Sixth Dragon Boat Race in Lu’an was held by Lu’an People’s Government, City Council and Lu’an Dragon Boat Association, cooperating with Sports Department of West Anhui University on the morning of May 30th,2017. The race started along the riverside of Pihe River in Moon Island. Tu Hongsong, member of School Party Committee and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, was invited to attend the opening ceremony.


West Anhui University sent a team composed of secretary Jiang Lingfei(leader), Prof. Liu Naibao(coach), and 25 students under the major support of the school, that has finally won the second prize after racing against 18 teams.

In this race, the dragon boat team of our school showed our spirit of unity, struggling and endeavor, our comprehensive strength of running a school, and also helped us increase mutual understanding among teams of government, enterprises and schools.


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