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Qi Weiping, the Tenured Professor in East China Normal University, was Invited to Our Weekend Politics & Law Lecture
Datetime: 2017-03-27   Source: 皖西学院英文网站

On Mar. 24th, the Law Department invited Qi Weiping, the tenured professor and doctoral supervisor of East China Normal University, to the 80th Weekend Politics & Law Lecture. He made a special report on Becoming A Man of Maturity and Talent for our students in room 206 in the Teaching Building. Liu Xin, dean of the Law Department, presided over this report.

Kong Min, member of the School Party Committee and vice president, met Prof Qi and communicated with him in Mingde Building.  

On the report, Prof Qi pointed out that an adult was not only a man of 18 years old, but responsibility, which covered 3 aspects, country and society, family and relatives, oneself and the future.


Concerning how to become a man of talent, Prof Qi highlighted that, to grow up was to become a useful person, and be useful for oneself, for the family and society. He believed that growth needed two prerequisites, comprehensive quality and skills, the relationship of which was dialectical unity. He stated at last that the skills of becoming a talent could be gained by interests cultivation, method training , research spirit and persistent attitude.

When the report was over, Prof Qi answered students’ questions patiently and brilliantly. As a scholar, senior and wise man, his profound knowledge is admirable. The students attended this report showed that Qi’s report was very helpful and meaningful to them.


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